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Acc 561 Uop Course Entire Course

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ACC 561 UOP Course Entire Course
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ACC 561 Week 1-Individual Assignment - Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario
1. Individual Assignment: Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario

• Read the Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario.
• Write a 700-word paper explaining the following:
o How could Guillermo use budgets and performance reports in his decision-making process?
o How might ethics influence his accounting decisions?
o What accounting information is most relevant for Guillermo to consider when making decisions?
• Include citations and references in your paper where appropriate.
• Format your paper according to APA standards.
Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.
ACC 561 Week 1-DQ 1 & 2
ACC 561 Week 2-Team Assignment - Financial Statement Analysis
1. Learning Team Assignment: Financial Statement Analysis
• Choose three companies as a Learning Team; select one from each of the following three sectors: manufacturing, service, and retail sales. One company must be foreign. Compute the quick and current liquidity ratios, the DuPont ratio, profit margin, asset utilization, and financial leverage of each of the three companies.
• Write a 1050-word paper discussing how differences in the industries and different measurement conventions (IASB and FASB) affect presentations. If one of the companies uses the cash basis of accounting, how would that differ from the accrual basis?
• Format your paper according to APA standards.
Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment.
ACC 561 Week 2-DQ 1 & 2
ACC 561 Week 3-Assessed DQ - Aunt Connie’s Cookies Simulation
• Respond in no more than 700 words.
• Explain how Aunt Connie’s Cookies could use cost accounting systems to determine their product costs.

ACC 561 Week 3-Individual Assignment - Practice Text Exercises
1. Individual Assignment:...


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