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Aed 222 Uop Course All Assignments , Checkpoints , Dqs , Matrix and Final Project

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AED 222 UOP Course All Assignments ,Checkpoints , DQs ,Matrix and Final Project
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1. Assignment: Special Education and the Principles of NCLB 2001

• Refer to Ch. 2 (pp. 42-45) of Special Education for Today’s Teachers.

• Identify how each of the five core principles of NCLB 2001—strong accountability, expanded flexibility and control, methods based on scientific research, expanded options for parents, and highly qualified teachers—might affect diverse learners, both positively and negatively.

• Write a 350- to 700-word paper, addressing the potential pros and cons of each principle.

• Format your paper according to APA standards, including in-text citations and a reference page if additional resources are used.

2. CheckPoint: IDEA 2004

• Watch the Ms. Green Elementary: Professionalism—IDEA video at http://www.pearsoncustom.com/az/axia_sped/.

Note. The video may take a few moments to download.

• Refer to pp. 34–42 and 45–46 of Special Education for Today’s Teachers.
• Think about what IDEA 2004 has accomplished since it was enacted in 1975.
• Determine the following, explaining your answers in 200 to 300 words and citing any additional resources used in APA format:

o Has the law satisfied its purpose?
o In what ways does it affect diverse learners?
o How does Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 contrast with IDEA 2004?
Is there room for improvement?
Week 2
1. CheckPoint: Final Project Matrix

• Refer to Ch. 6 & 8 of Special Education for Today’s Teachers.
• Record the following information regarding learning disabilities and mild intellectual disabilities in the appropriate sections of the matrix in Appendix B:

o Definition of the exceptionality
o Classification criteria and characteristics
o Prevalence
o Associated educational practices
Any additional relevant information
Week 3
1. Exercise: Final Project Matrix

• Resource:...


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