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Bis245 Uop Course Week 3 Lab - Visio Erd

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BIS245 UOP Course Week 3 Lab - Visio ERD

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Part A: Create a Visio ERD from Data Requirements and Business Rules
Step 1: Open Visio
a. Open Microsoft Office, Visio application or
b. If you are using Citrix, click on Microsoft Office Applications folder to start
Step 2: Identify and create the entities
a. Open a new blank Database Model Diagram.
b. Save the file as YourName_Lab3.vsd.
c. Based on the information provided below, create the necessary entities for the Pages in Time database. If you need assistance to create the entities, refer to labs from Weeks 1 and 2.
Pages in Time
Pages in Time is a small bookstore carrying a variety of books. The
owners have decided to computerize the books available through the
store so that they can determine more easily what books are on
hand and which books need to be special ordered to meet customer
needs. Because customers do not always remember the name of a
desired book, the owners want to be able to look for books by author
or by type (genre). They also want to be able to find the publisher s
information using the system so that they can order books more
After visiting with the owners, you have gathered the following
information on data requirements and business rules to develop a
conceptual design (ERD), prepare it for conversion to an Access
database, and then create the actual database.
You have determined that you will need at least the following entities
to resolve the relationships that exist in the data.
Name (store data in its smallest parts)
Address (store data in its smallest parts)
Phone Number
E-mail Address
Preferred Contact Method
Received Date
Customer Contacted (Yes or No)
ISBN Number
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