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Hcs 330 Uop Course Homework Aid Dqs , All Individual and Team Assignments /Entire Class /Week 1-5

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HCS 330 UOP Course Homework Aid DQs ,All Individual and Team Assignments /Entire Class /Week 1-5
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HCS 330 Week 1 Individual Assignment - Pre-Class Diease Questionnaire
  Discuss the Preclass Disease Questionnaire in class. The questionnaire is located in the Materials section of your student Web page. The Preclass Disease Questionnaire is designed to test your current knowledge regarding disease and its impact on society after you have completed the required
HCS 330 Week 2 Individual Assignment - Disease in the News
Disease in the News
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Write a critical appraisal of a peer-reviewed journal, newspaper, or magazine article that you have recently read concerning one infectious disease trend. Some examples of an infectious disease are Tuberculosis, AIDS, the Bird Flu, Anthrax, or Chickenpox. In a 1,250-1,500 word paper, contain the following sections:

Author(s). Provide information about the author(s), including credentials and academic, organizational, or institutional affiliation. Does the author have a bias or vested interest?
Type of article: peer-reviewed journal, newspaper, magazine.
Introduction. What is the article about?
Claims. Does the article make any claims about treatment of the infectious disease?
Does the article provide a national or global perspective about the infectious disease?
Supporting evidence. What scientific evidence does the author(s) present to support his or her claims?
HCS 330 Week 3 Team Assignment - Adopt a Disease Paper
Begin developing the Adopt a Disease Paper due in Week Three. This paper will be posted in your Learning Team by Monday Week 3 at 11:59 pm MST.
Each Learning Team must identify a chronic disease to adopt throughout the duration of the...


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