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Ldr 301 Uop Course Homework Aid Complete Course All Dqs and Assignments

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LDR 301 UOP Course Homework Aid Complete Course All DQs and Assignments

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Week 1:

Individual Assignment Personality Assessment
DQ 1:

How would you define good business ethics? How would you define poor business ethics? What effect does small business ethics have on the role of an entrepreneur? Provide an example of an everyday small business ethical dilemma. How might you address this dilemma?

DQ 2:

Use your Lead Like an Entrepreneur text to review the common leadership characteristics of an entrepreneur. Which characteristic do you think is the most important for an entrepreneur to possess? Why? Defend your position on this question.

DQ 3:

What is the difference between an idea-focused entrepreneur and an opportunity-focused entrepreneur? Is one type of entrepreneur better than the other? Defend your response. Name a business person or a public figure that is an example of an idea-focused entrepreneur. Explain why.

DQ 4:

What is the role of an integrator type of entrepreneur in the free enterprise system? Explain your answer with an example.

Week 2:
Individual Assignment Ethical Dilemma Case

Learning Team Assignment Weekly Reflection

DQ 1:

How do you handle stress? What are some effective strategies for stress management? Which strategies do you feel would be most effective for small business entrepreneurs? Why?

DQ 2:

What are the small business entrepreneur competency areas? Which competency areas do you feel are most important?   Defend your response with an example.

DQ 3:

What is the influence of time management on entrepreneurs? Which time management tactics do you think you might use the most while in school? How does this compare to a small business entrepreneur?

Week 3:

Learning Team Assignment Entrepreneurial Small Business Project Phase I

DQ 1:

How do you...


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