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Mth 156 Uop Course Homework Aid Entire Course All Dqs and Assignments

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MTH 156 UOP Course Homework Aid Entire Course All DQs and Assignments
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MTH 156 Week 1 NCTM Paper with   Feedback
MTH 156 Week 2 DQ 1
MTH 156 Week 2 DQ2
MTH 156 Week 3 The use of Venn Diagrams
MTH 156 Week 4 DQ1
MTH 156 Week 4 DQ2
MTH 156 Week 5 Set Theory
MTH 156 Week 6 DQ1
MTH 156 Week 6 DQ2
MTH 156 week 7 Annotated Bibliography
MTH 156 Week 8 DQ 1
MTH 156 Week 8 DQ 2
MTH 156 Week 9 Reflective Paper

MTH 156 Week 2 DQ 1
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Question 1-A
Do children solve problems differently than adults?
Explain why and what a teacher may do to help them, by giving a problem from the textbook as an example and explain how you would help your future students with this problem.  

Question 1-B
In the electronic reading from Week 1 by Linda. J. Deal and Michael G. Wismer explain what instructors need to do in order to help “mathematically talented” students get the most from their mathematical experiences in the classroom.   After reading this article, pick one of their suggestions and explain how you might implement it in your future classroom.
MTH 156 Week 2 DQ2
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Question 2-A
Why is patterning important when teaching mathematics?
Choose a patterning activity from the textbook or another resource.   Explain how you would use this activity.   Make sure to include the mathematical goals of the activity and the targeted grade level.

Question 2-B
On pages 3-5 of the electronic reading by Tracy Muir, there is a list of principles and practices that the author considers essential to effectively teaching numeracy.   Look at this list, select one of these principles, and give an example of how you will apply this principle in your...


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