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Eth 321 Week 5 Knowledge Check.

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ETH 321 Week 5 Knowledge Check.

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• 1-What is one of the challenges in business ethics?
Business ethics is completely independent of the law.
Business ethics does not assert the obvious.
Business ethics issues are unrelated to the everyday occurrences in an organization.
Business ethics cannot be taught to employees

2-What can help managers to overcome the challenge of teaching business ethics to employees?
Attempting to change employees' values
Instructing employees to follow only legal guidelines
Allowing employees to use their own personal moral standards while making decisions
Focusing on the management of employee values and conflicts

3-How can an organization faced with the challenges of business ethics, overcome these challenges?
By ensuring that its code of ethics has honesty mentioned in it.
By developing a business ethics program that focuses on making its employees unlearn their personal values.
By recognizing that ethics cannot be incorporated into its management.
By acknowledging that legal regulations are the only way to prevent its employees from committing unethical acts

4-Stephan is a proponent of the narrow view of corporate social responsibility (CSR). He believes that people should behave in a socially responsible manner on their own time. What other opinion is Stephan likely to have?
Corporations have a duty to invest some of their resources on improving society.
Corporations should exclusively follow the instructions set by the government when carrying out CSR functions. C. CSR functions should receive utmost importance by employees in a corporation.
Corporations should only focus on increasing the wealth of their shareholders

5-Which view of corporate social responsibility (CSR) suggests that the emphasis of...


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