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Direct and Indirect Care

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Experiences as a health care consumer
  In the course of my life, I have had the opportunity to interact repeatedly with both, the direct care and indirect care. Scarcely two years ago,   my son had an accident at home, where they cut the tendons in his left hand with the glass of the coffee table in my living room. It was a full episode of despair. At that time my son was only three years old. My husband has placed a bandage on the wound and covered it with wrap paper and headed to the hospital where he immediately got was attended by the doctor on duty and order some x-ray to see the wound size. Then, he indicates me that I had to transfer my child to another hospital that had the trauma facilities and specialist in orthopedic and hand surgeon. We were transferred at a hospital that was almost three hours away from my home. When we finally arrived, the hospital, being a large facility where attends different cases in all regions of the country, have a very different protocol.   They give us a number to wait a turn and due to the volume of patients, it can take up more than one hour between you fill all documentation and go through the process of billing for services before be evaluated by the physician. In addition, they have a priority protocol where colored areas classified for every event that is received in the hospital. The red area really meant patients were considered a true emergency, the yellow area, were patients who could wait but had some priority and green area, were located they considered patients who did not have a real emergency. My son was ranked in the yellow area and it was not until dawn that was first evaluated at the hospital by the doctor who was on that turn and indicated that I had to pass the query to an orthopedic specialist to determine if the warranted surgery wound or a simple suture. After several hours of continuing on the same yellow area, and my son was assisted by nursing staff where they cleaned the...


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