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Sci 256 Final Exam(All Possible Questions with Solution)

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SCI 256 Final Exam(All Possible Questions With Solution)
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SCI 256 Final Exam(All Possible Questions With Solution)
1. According to the Environmental Science text, overuse of local resources had little or no long-lasting effect:
A) before the Industrial Revolution
B) during the Industrial Revolution
C) after the Industrial Revolution
D) when there were only a few people on the Earth
E) overuse always had a global effect

2. Like the Scientific Method, the process of making decisions can be presented as a series of steps. List these steps, as enumerated in this course.

3. You weigh flour on a scale to find out how much you need for baking cookies because your recipe calls for exactly 105.00 grams (otherwise your cookies will be like bricks). Yesterday the scale fell from the counter onto the floor and is now off by 10.25 grams. Did you get a precise or an accurate measurement? Justify your answer.

4. The lessons of Amboseli National Park teach us that:
I.   Overgrazing by domestic livestock can have devastating impacts on native ecosystems.
II.   East African ecosystems are especially vulnerable to environmental change, especially periodic drought.
III.   Continued wet-dry cycles change soils, the distribution of plants, and the abundance of animals.
A) I only
B) II only
C) III only
D) II and III only
E) I, II, and III
5. Consider a situation where increased solar radiation reaches the Earth's surface and raises the ocean temperature.   This results in more evaporation, which produces more clouds.   The increased cloud cover reduces the amount of solar radiation that reaches the surface of the Earth.   This is an example of:
A) uniformitarianism
B) the greenhouse effect
C) atmospheric moisture balance
D) a positive feedback
E) a negative feedback

6. Human population growth during the pre-industrial...


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