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As a 23 years old former marketing executive and business administration graduate, there is a question I always ask myself—What is my brand? Several more questions derive from that. How to describe my brand? What symbol can represent my brand? How could I make different? I think these problems frequently not only in preparation of a marketing campaign but also when I meet my life choice.

A perspective always inspires me that intergrading art, design, technology and leadership can cultivate a creative leader by John Maeda, the former president of Rhode Island School of Design. This perspective was mentioned coincidentally by both of Steve jobs and Edwin Land of Polaroid. I never doubt the rightness of this perspective and push myself to be a playful and mindful person who has both creative promise and intellectual curious. I hope through my work I can positively affect the community more or less. For me, making difference matters. However, even though my former job provides me chance to know things related to design, it is absolutely not the most effective way to fulfill my dream.  

After I know CAFAIFC program, I conducted much research for deep understanding by browsing its official website and blog. I recognized this program has accumulated profound school-running experience in the past 10 years and it has professional faculty team and complete curriculum design. As who have no experience and foundation of art, I doubt myself sometimes whether I can learn art especially after browsing students’ works on the official website. Their works are very creative and professional presented. Creating my own work seems still far from me. However, after reading about records of student class and their life. How they used different materials creating in team with the guidance of their teachers, how they practiced sketching outdoors and how students improved spelling ability by scrabble game all show me the professional,depth and fun of curriculum in CAFAIFC. This...


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