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Malcolm X

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Autobiography of Malcolm X
By Alex Haley
When reading the autobiography of Malcolm X, I was able to learn a lot of things about him that I did not know. The purpose of this book is to inform us, the audience, of the cruel and rough life Malcolm X lived through and how he over came different obstacles in his life to achieve many of his personal life goals. This autobiography is written in first person but in each chapter, he states his opinions based on his current perspective of life. The target audiences for this autobiography are people who are interested in history, Muslim leaders, and those who are interested in learning about Malcolm X and his life journeys. The main message stated is that no matter what you go through or where you come from, you can be successful no matter how many mistakes you have committed in the past as long as you are committed to your goals.
In this autobiography, we learn about the racist society that he lived in during the time period of the 1930’s.When Malcolm was a child, a white man killed his father and after his father died his mother could no longer take care of the family. Due to this mishap, the family was split up by welfare agencies. Malcolm was sent to a foster family and went through a series of boarding schools. As he grew up, he wanted to be a lawyer but he didn’t pursue this due to a teacher once telling him he that he would be a carpenter just because he was African American, which was something really racist and discouraging to him. This lead Malcolm to act in rebellion and when he moved to New York, he got involved in things he shouldn’t have like selling drugs and robbing. He also found himself getting caught up with the wrong crowd and when he moved to Boston he got arrested for burglary and was put in prison.
Malcolm X was sentenced to ten, long years in prison and during that time he met man a named Billi. His newfound friend was an educated, black male that encouraged Malcolm to educate himself. In hopes...


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