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Proj 420 Project Risk Management Complete Course

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PROJ 420 Project Risk Management Complete Course

PROJ 420 Project Risk Management Complete Course

PROJ 420   Week 1: Selecting a Project

During Week 1, you will select a project for your risk management plan Course Project. The project can be one that you are working on as part of your regular job, a case study you have completed in the past, or a project that you want to plan, either business or personal. You will choose your project so that you will be very familiar with it and understand its various elements. The project request will be submitted as a graded assignment.
To select your project, submit a description of it using the Week 1 Course Project Proposal & Outline Template (PROJ420_W1_Proposal And Outline.docx) in Doc Sharing.

PROJ 420   Week 2: Project Sizing and Stakeholder Analysis

Your Course Project milestone for Week 2 will be to develop your project sizing and stakeholder analysis.
To do this, use the Week 2 Course Project Assignment Template (PROJ420_W2_Assignment Template.docx) in Doc Sharing.

PROJ 420   Week 3 Quiz

PROJ 420   Week 3: Project Risk Breakdown Structure

For your third Course Project milestone, develop a risk breakdown structure.
To do this, use the Week 3 Course Project Assignment Template (PROJ420_W3_AssignmentTemplate.docx) in Doc Sharing.
In order to keep the RBS manageable, identify 10 risks from your project to be included in your RBS.

PROJ 420 Week 4: Probability-Impact Matrix

This week for your Course Project milestone, submit a Probability-Impact Matrix for the project you selected based on the top 10 risks you identified in your RBS in Week 3.
To do this, use the Week 4 Course Project Assignment Template (PROJ420_W4_PI Matrix Template.xlsx) in Doc Sharing.

PROJ 420 Week 5: Risk Register

Develop and submit a risk register based on the 10 risks you have assessed within the project you...


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