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Proj 410 Final Exam Answers

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PROJ 410 Final Exam Answers


PROJ 410 Final Exam Answers

Set # 1

1. (TCO 1 & 4) What would facilitate a business process outsourcing transition quickly and maintain some consistency in the organization?

2. (TCO 4) Under this pricing contract, the buyer pays the seller's actual costs and a fixed fee determined as a percentage of the estimated project costs.

3. (TCO 7) Which step(s) should a buyer take to evaluate the seller's proposal?

4. (TCO 5) Negotiations in a BPO agreement are largely determined by which factor?

5. (TCO 6) Employee morale and expectations, buyer's precedent, service level desired by the buyer, and the efficient delivery of services by the seller are all _____.

6. (TCO 3) Which is not a key component in the project procurement management process?

7. (TCO 6) What are some steps to take when communicating with employees that outsourcing will take place in the company?

8. (TCO 2 & 6) What typically gets outsourced and what would be the benefits to outsourcing the items listed? Please list and discuss six reasons.

9. (TCO 9) What happens after a renegotiation? Why does this happen?

10. (TCO 8 & 9) What is benchmarking? Give two examples with which you are familiar, and tell why benchmarking is useful in outsourcing.

11. (TCO 8) What is a performance standard and how is this agreed upon? Recommend the components that would need to be included and why.

12. (TCO 5) What laws should an organization consult before, during, and after a BPO? Describe two of the laws and how you would include this in a presentation to executives.

13. (TCO 5 & 7) List and describe five components of a BPO. Then summarize why each of the items that you chose are important to the BPO process.

14. (TCO 2 & 5) Describe in detail how the negotiation process works when this process is done correctly. Then convince the...


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