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Bshs 452 Entire Course Design and Proposal Writing

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BSHS 452 Entire Course Design and Proposal Writing
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BSHS 452 Week 1 Complete DQ

What are the components of a complete grant proposal?   Please provide a brief description or summary of each component.   Describe which component you feel would be the most difficult to complete and why.  

Why is critical to complete both an organizational and community needs and strengths assessment?   What would you do if the two assessments were not compatible?

BSHS 452 Week 1 Summary

BSHS 452 Week 2 Complete DQ

In preparing the evaluation section of a proposal, what questions should you ask yourself?

What do you see as the most critical elements of an evaluation plan and how would you apply these?

What are qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods?   Define and explain their differences.

How do you determine which type of evaluation method you would use?

Explain the concept of “Chasing Mission, Not Money.”   How does program evaluation relate to program design?

BSHS 452 Week 2 Individual Worksheet 3.1A
BSHS 452 Week 2 Summary
BSHS 452 Week 2 Team Assignment Assessment Process and Needs Statement

BSHS 452 Week 3 Complete DQ

What is the definition of a goal?   What is the definition of an objective?
Please provide an example of each (either for a personal or work related).

What is the purpose of the sustainability component of the proposal?
What goes into the sustainability component of the proposal?
For the sustainability component of the proposal, what are some potential sources of future funding?

Explain the design components and strategies of effective proposal budgets.
Explain the match between human service agency goals and funding guidelines.   Why is this match critical?
Explain what an RFP is and when you might see one....


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