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Pulverizers Milling Pulverized Coal Injection Technology

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known that coke and blast furnace coal injection can cost effectively replace each other Sand Making Machine, the technological position in the iron and steel smelting and cement industry are increasing, saving the cost of smelting iron and steel industry; the cement industry to provide heat at the same time, changing the chemistry of cement property, cement strength and corrosion resistance greatly improved, the paper look at developing speed pulverizing coal injection technology.
pulverized coal injection coal grinding system determines the level of the ratio is the main technical factor PCI coal mill efficiency. General design and blast furnace mill planned coal injection and pig iron production is supporting each other, because if the internal factors and the mill of hard coal quality can not reach a predetermined value, the pulverized coal injection ratio will be very low.
in coal grinding process, pulverizers have milled parts, milled parts relative motion of the two groups in the spring force, hydraulic pressure or other external force, the coal during the extrusion and milling, broken into coal powder; after milling member is rotated, the wind flung the broken pulverized donut, donut hot air flowing through the air stream to mill the upper portion of the pulverized coal pulverized coal separator, pulverized coal is too thick re-grinding is detached, along with hot air drying of coal, while there is coal left to the small amount of entrained air stones and iron and other debris donut Sand Making Machine, fall into the glove compartment, it is periodically discharged, for ironmaking system is very suitable for use in auxiliary materials pulverized.
pulverized coal injection technology with the development of milling, pulverizers with its small footprint, low power consumption, low metal consumption, low metal abrasion, wear small coal consumption, low noise, reasonable structure, strong durable, easy maintenance, etc., in steel, cement industry has been...


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