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Engl 135 Proposal Pitch for Texting and Driving-Outline Week 3 Devry

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ENGL 135 Proposal Pitch for Texting and Driving-Outline Week 3 DeVry

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ENGL 135 Proposal Pitch for Texting and Driving-Outline Week 3 DeVry

The purpose of a proposal is to highlight standout ideas, and to do so in a manner that can convince an audience to support a project. Proposals delivered in a workplace are often part of a competitive process in which the strongest proposal is offered the business. In these contexts, effective word choice and professional delivery define the effective communication of an idea. Your research proposal will be presented as a sentence outline. As the name suggests, the sentence outline presents complete thoughts in complete sentences as opposed to phrases. In each section of the proposal, choose ideas with the goal of persuading your reader to believe that you are interested in the topic and ready to learn how to develop the topic into a project. Use a complete sentence to provide the response to each of the questions below. You can use first person. Use APA documentation for the final section of the proposal to document any sources referenced in your proposal. Remember to put at least two items at any given level of the outline, as shown in this template and the sample proposal.
What is your research question?
What is your working thesis? (It answers your research question and defines the direction of your argument.)
What is your angle on the topic? (Your angle is your unique perspective or view on the issue.)
Justify for your reader why the topic is important.
Justify for your reader why you are the one to write about it. What do you…

1) Research question: How effective are devices that disable in-car cellphone messaging in preventing deaths and accidents that are caused by texting and driving?
2) Working thesis:...


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