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Fin 317 Week 11 Final Exam Part 1,2

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FIN 317 Week 11 Final Exam Part 1,2

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FIN 317 Week 11 Final Exam Part 1,2

True-False Questions

1. The accounting emphasis on accrued revenue and expenses and depreciation is the same emphasis as that of finance managers.

2. Traditional accounting does not focus on the implicit cost of equity that is the required capital gains to complement dividends.   However, evaluation methods exist to determine this value by financial managers.

3. Formal historical accounting procedures include explicit records of debt (interest and principal) and dividend capital costs.

4. Public financial markets are markets for the creation, sale and trade of illiquid securities having less standardized negotiated features.

5. A venture’s “riskiness” in terms of poor performance or failure is usually very high during the maturity stage of its life cycle.

6. A venture’s “riskiness” in terms of poor performance or failure is usually high to moderate during the rapid-growth stage of its life cycle.

7. First-round financing during a venture’s survival stage comes primarily from venture capitalists and investment banks.

8. Startup financing usually comes from entrepreneurs, business angels, and investment bankers.

9. Commercial banks provide liquidity-stage financing for ventures in the rapid-growth stage of their life cycles.

10. A venture’s “riskiness” in terms of the likelihood of poor performance or failure decreases as it moves from its development stage through to its rapid-growth stage.

11. A nominal interest rate is an observed or stated interest rate.

12. The “real interest rate” (RR) is the interest one would face in the absence of inflation, risk, illiquidity, and any other factors determining the appropriate interest rate.

13. The risk-free interest rate is the interest rate on debt that is...


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