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Mgmt 591 Final Guide Leadership & Organization Behavior Kellerb

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MGMT 591 Final Guide Leadership & Organization Behavior Keller
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MGMT 591 Final Exam Leadership & Organization Behavior Keller

(TCO F) Eagle Standard A Inc. (ESI) a major engineering firm specialized in designing aircraft parts for government contracts. ESI employees project managers and 42 engineers who are divided into project group of 6-7 members. The majority of project team leaders have spent time in France and Britain learning new technology. The Eagle 6 project team consisting of 6 engineers is developing new equipment for a jet fighter. The project has been ongoing for 18 months and all 6 engineers have been with this project group since its inception working together on all projects. Eagle 6 works well together.
However, the Eagle 6 team has the most technical project and its engineers have been working too much overtime. The senior project manager, Bruce Chanick interviewed and hired a new engineer to help out Richard Hue. Rich has good qualifications and seems to be knowledgeable and motivated. The work is challenging and gives him the opportunity to showcase his computer skills and engineering knowledge. Two weeks in he quickly became a contributing member of the team showing initiative and the willingness to work overtime and weekends to research possible solutions to potential problems. Richard was particularly adept with the computer system and Bruce is ecstatic about his new hire Richard is a loner on and off the job. He is from country x a small island with a high power-distance culture all of the other members of the team member felt Richard flouts his education and knowledge and none of them like him in fact can’t stand him.
Bruce told Tim that Richard thinks that the rest of the team are slackers who talk about bowling and sport instead of working Richard thinks he is disliked...


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