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Mgmt 591 Week 7 Case Study Work Team Empowerment Keller

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MGMT 591 Week 7 Case Study Work Team Empowerment Keller
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MGMT 591 Week 7   Case Study Work Team Empowerment Keller

Diagnosing Whether an Organization Is Truly Ready to Empower Work Teams: A Case Study
1. Assess the process from the model for planned change presented beginning on page 353 in the text.
2. What did the company do right?
One of the things that the company did right is the termination of the executives who resisted the change.   This was the right decision because the change towards team empowerment wouldn’t be effectively implemented if management…
1. What more might have been done to prepare for the change?
To prepare for the change, I think they could have tried harder to communicate the purpose and objectives for the change, as this will lead all of the organizational members to have a better understanding and appreciation for the change, which in turn will also reduce….
2. What are your thoughts on Harley-Davidson’s resolution for resistance to change?
I thought that it was a brave move for Harley Davidson to terminate their executives and place their confidence and trust on the employees when it comes to…
1. Do you support the conclusions of the management team? Why or why not?
I support their conclusions on their chosen solution to manage the resistance to change.   The executives’…
3. Share with the class what you found most interesting about the article and why.
I found it interesting that senior management (Harley Davidson and Shelby Die Casting) would be willing to let go of the executives…
1. Compare and contrast the case study’s findings with our discussions and the information from our text.
Consistent with our discussions, the findings of the study showed the importance of senior management’s support in ensuring the successful implementation of an organizational...


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