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Mgt 312 Week 1 to 5 Knowledge Check Study Guides

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MGT 312 Week 1 to 5 Knowledge Check Study Guides
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MGT 312 Week 1 to 5 Knowledge Check Study Guides
MGT 312 Week 1 Knowledge Check Study Guide

One of the four managerial functions involves grouping employees into departments and
teams according to their skills and capabilities. This grouping is done to ensure that
cooperation and communication are optimized for the accomplishment of organizational
goals. Identify this managerial function.
When managers play the role of coach or mentor, which managerial function are they
primarily performing?
Daniel is a project manager at Portrait Inc., an advertising agency. His
eight-member-team is currently working on a new campaign, but it fails to meet its
deadline. With the various organizational behavior tools at his disposal, Daniel is able to
identify that the cause for the team’s failure was its inability to work together. To correct
this situation, Daniel divides the team into pairs of workers and assigns each pair a
different and more specific task. In this scenario, which managerial function is Daniel
primarily performing?
What is true about the nature of organizational behavior?
Organizational behavior provides guidelines for managing behavior on the basis of:
Which of the following questions does organizational behavior best help answer?
Identify an accurate statement about the nature of personality.
A collection of specific components that describes how a person generally feels, thinks,
and behaves is known as a(n):
Derek is a highly-valued employee at his company. His bosses are delighted with his
performance and believe that he is highly reliable. However, Derek’s coworkers think thathe puts too much pressure on himself. He is always stressed and has sleepless nights...


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