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Dialysis Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share and Forecast 2015-2025

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Global Dialysis

Equipment Market
Share, Global Trends,
Analysis, Research, Report,
Segmentation and Forecast,

Future Market Insights



Report Description
Dialysis machines are artificial kidneys that perform kidney functions for patients who
have permanent or temporary renal failure.
Dialysis machines use to cleanse the blood and balance its constituents. By the help of
this process, the patient blood is circulated through the machine where it is filtered and
balance for electrolytes, pH, and fluid concentration before being returned to the
patient. One common problem with kidney failure is water retention, therefore it is
common for the process to remove several pints of fluid from the blood of the patient.
Chronic kidney disease is defined as a reduced glomerular filtration rate, increased
urinary albumin excretion, or both, and is an increasing public health issue. Prevalence is
estimated to be 8-16% worldwide. Worldwide, diabetes mellitus is the most common
cause of chronic disease, but in some region other causes, such as herbal and
environmental toxins are more common.
Dialysis Equipment Market: Drivers and Restraints
Presently, dialysis equipment global market is driven by the aging population, by
increasing incidence of end-stage kidney disease, a rising incidence of diabetes and
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Report Description
Dialysis equipment global market is drives by the aging population, technological
advancement in healthcare industry, increasing incidence of kidney disease, and increase
in the number of diabetic and hypertension patients globally, and due to the shortage of
kidney donors for transplantation
Dialysis Equipment Market: Segmentation
Global dialysis equipment market is segmented into following types
Hemodialysis Equipment
• Hemodialysis...


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