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Phl 320 Final Exam

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PHL 320 Final Exam
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Who among the following individuals is most likely to exhibit event creativity?

An individual who establishes win-win relationships with other people

An individual who settles a disagreement quickly in an ingenious way

An individual who modifies the strategies of a group in a creative manner

An individual who organizes annual meetings and get-togethers innovatively
When does the incremental model of decision making take place?

When individuals merely follow the instructions of others who are experts in decision making

When individuals vie with one another for resources or disagree with each other on goals

When individuals make quick decisions based on their past experience in solving similar problems

When individuals make minor decisions and move carefully toward a bigger solution
In the stages of decision making, what should managers do immediately after identifying and diagnosing a problem?

Managers should create some alternative solutions to solve the issue recognized.

Managers should select a solution, from the options available, that offers the greatest benefit.

Managers should assign responsibility to specific individuals for implementing the solution identified to solve the problem.

Managers should think through the outcomes that might result from implementing any of the plans identified to solve the problem.
As a barrier to effective decision making, when do framing effects occur?

When decision makers believe they can influence events without having adequate control

When the selection of an alternative is influenced by the way it is phrased

When decision makers choose the first available alternative before proper evaluation

When the selection of an alternative is completely based on one’s past experience
Which of the following acts represents scapegoating?


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