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Molded Wood Pallets Cost Analysis Produced by Molded Wood Pallet Machines

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Molded Wood Pallets Cost Analysis Produced by Molded Wood Pallet Machines

First, the raw materials:
You can use sawdust, bamboo shavings, wood shavings, etc., or the cotton stick, Stick, bagasse and other crops fibers as the raw materials.

Second, Output:
The Molded Wood Pallets Machine daily output of single set hot press machine is about 200 pallets(working 24 hours per day)
Work 300 days per annum: 60,000 pallets/ year / set

Third, the cost analysis
We can take the whole line with four MOLDED WOOD PALLET MAKING MACHINE(http://www.palletmach.com/),pallet sizes is 1100*1100mm as an example, production costs are as follows:

1, Sawdust 17Kg(moisture content of sawdust is about 5% )
0.5 rmb per kilogram in China for the sawdust,total cost for one pallets is 17 × 0.5 = 8.5 rmb
2, glue 3Kg
2 yuan per kilogram in China,total cost is 3 × 2 = 6 rmb

3, the heat is 7000 to 9000 kcal of fuel (equivalent 0.78m³ ~ 1m³ gas or 1Kg ~ 1.28Kg of standard coal, fuel consumption varies according to different raw material moisture content)
Chinese natural gas is 2.2 rmb per cubic :0.78 × 2.2 ~ 1 × 2.2 = 1.7 ~ 2.2rmb

4, electricity 5 ~ 7KW / H (depending on the degree of automation, power consumption will be different)
Chinese industrial electricity was about 0.8 yuan per KW / H: 5 × 0.8 ~ 7 × 0.8 = 4 ~ 5.6rmb

5, We can arrange the workers from 3 to 10 (depending on the degree of automation required number of workers per shift varies)
2500 rmb per month per worker per shift working 12 hours according to Chinese market
3 to 10 pallets labor costs average from 0.89 to 2.98 rmb per piece
Based on the above data we can know, each pallet production cost is about 23 rmb, plus maintenance, management and cost of sales, each pallet will cost not more than 30 rmb. The same size molded pallet market price is 50 yuan now in China, then the annual profit as follows:
200 × 4 × 300 × (50-30) = 4,800,000 rmb

The whole presswood pallet machine line with four hot...


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