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Ldr 300 Entire Course

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LDR 300 Entire Course

LDR 300 Entire Course
LDR 300 Week 1 Complete DQs
LDR 300 Week 1 Leadership and Management Paper
LDR 300 Week 2 Course Description
LDR 300 DQ1
When might a leader’s values and priorities conflict with those of his or her organization? What tools are available to help leaders balance competing values and priorities? What support must an organization provide to help leaders in the struggle of competing values and priorities? Provide specific examples.
LDR 300 DQ2
Review the section on generational differences in Ch. 4 of The Art and Science of Leadership. What are some generational differences in your workplace? What effect do they have on a leader’s ability to balance values and priorities? Provide examples.
LDR 300 DQ3
How does an individual’s personality affect his or her leadership traits? What traits serve a leader well? What traits do not? Explain your answer.
LDR 300 Week 3 Course Description
LDR 300 DQ1
How would you define power? How would you define influence? What are some distinctions between power and influence in an organizational setting? How may power and influence positively affect an organization? How may power and influence negatively affect an organization? Provide specific examples to support your answer.
LDR 300 DQ2
Identify a public or political leader. What kind of power does this leader possess? What influence tactics does this leader normally use based on his or her power? Provide a specific example of an influence tactic this person has not used. What would happen if the leader used this tactic? How would his or her power be affected?
LDR 300 DQ3
What are different types of strategic leadership? How do they affect an organization’s structure? What are the roles of strategic leaders in an organization’s management? What internal and external factors affect strategic leadership ability?
LDR 300 Week 3 Leadership and Power Paper


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