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Nsci 281 Final Exam Solutions

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NSCI 281 Final Exam Solutions

NSCI 281 Final Exam Solutions

1. Plasma is ____ while formed elements are ____.
a. a blood gas; blood clots
b. the liquid portion of blood; the cells
c. lacking in protein; regulators of blood osmolality
d. the cellular portion of blood; acellular components
e. mostly protein; the matrix

2. Which of the following cell types is an immature red blood cell?
a. erythrocyte
b. reticulocyte
c. thrombocyte
d. monocyte
e. leukocyte

3. In the platelet release reaction,

a. factor XII is activated
b. ADP and thromboxanes stimulate other platelets to become activated
c. activated platelets are connected by fibrinogen
d. prostaglandin production is inhibited
e. platelets convert to fibrin

4. On the diagram of RBC production, what does “A” represent?
a. increased blood oxygenb. decreased blood oxygen
c. erythropoietin
d. kidney
e. red bone marrow

5. The heart
a. is a four-chambered muscular pump
b. is posterior to the trachea
c. is lined with an epithelial layer called epicardium
d. lies mostly to the right of the midline of the sternum
e. has a superior apex and an inferior base

6. Blood in the superior vena cava will enter the _____.
a. Aorta
b. right atrium
c. pulmonary trunk
d. pulmonary arteries
e. pulmonary veins

7. Which of the following is mismatched?
a. opening of sodium fast channels – depolarizationb. closing of calcium slow channels – plateau phase
c. opening of potassium channels – rapid repolarization
d. closure of sodium channels – early repolarization
e. opening of calcium slow channels – plateau phase

8. Turbulence of blood flow through the aortic valve would give rise to
a. the first heart soundb. the second heart sound
c. a heart murmur
d. an extra heart beat
e. end-systolic volume

9. Identify structure “A” on the heart diagram.
a. left atrium
b. aortic semilunar valve
c. bicuspid...


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