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Age Limits on Driving

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What’s too young to drive and what’s too old to drive

Should there be a more stringent age limits on driving in the United States? We all may have different thought on this statement let’s review some statistics.
Drivers permit starts at age sixteen once they pass they receive a restricted license and other restrictions go with having that license you must have an adult in the car, no texting as well as a limit to amount of people in the car; they cannot drive after nine at night. If a new driver gets caught not abiding these rules there are fines to help keep these restrictions allocated. Once you reach the age of eighteen you are able to drive on your own. That’s two years to figure it out. I think that as long as proper teaching and driver courses have been set in place a eighteen year old should do just fine out there on the road. When you are young and finally get to drive you can tend to forget the importance of paying attention examples; when your favorite song comes on or you have a few friends in the car and they are all having a god time. This is why if the young teenager does not have the correct family balance then there could be some issues in driving on the road with others. It takes time and patience from the one teaching the new driver. When I say family balance I mean taking the time they need to learn and teaching the rules of driving.
When it comes to the older drivers, my thoughts once we reach a certain age like for example seventy we should have to be re tested in a driving course and do that at least a minimum of every four years. This is a way to ensure our ability to pay attention and our response times are still good as well as our vision. I feel this is a fair way to test everyone since we are all different in how we age. I have never met an elderly person say her take my keys so I would say make us prove our ability to drive on roads with others. It is unfortunate when one start to lose the physical capabilities you once had and...


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