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Hrm 420 Entire Course Human Resource Risk Management

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HRM 420 Entire Course Human Resource Risk Management
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HRM 420 Week 1 DQs

Week 1 dq 1 : How can a safety committee be a convenient and effective forum for identifying HR risks and management needs and establishing risk management goals?
How does your current employer handle these challenges?

Government agencies set the agenda for social responsibility with laws and regulations.
Week 1 DQ 2 : Discuss why you feel these laws and regulations are important and list potential problems with governmental control.

Week 1 DQ 3 : What is your definition of socially responsible risk management?
•How would you go about enacting a more socially responsible risk management strategy in your current workplace?

HRM 420 Week 1 Individual Assignment Paper Human Resource Risk Seminars (Appendix A)

HRM 420 Week 2 DQS

What is the most important thing that an employer should do when facing an OSHA inspection?
How would you ensure that act is accomplished and documented?

How do employment practice compliance systems (EPCS) help businesses stay compliant?
Identify at least two areas in your current employment where an EPCS is used, or could be used, effectively.
How does your current employer differentiate between legal liabilities, ethical liabilities, and industry standard (which may be neither legal nor ethical)?
Provide at least two examples of each.
Do you agree with these practices? Why or why not?

List five employer responsibilities and five employee rights.
Explain how both are a necessary component in a risk management strategy.

HRM 420 Week 2 Individual Assignment Risk Management Strategy Presentation

HRM 420 Week 3 DQs

Identify at least two different employment selection processes utilized by your employer.
Which process do you find to be the most beneficial and why?


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