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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

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It   is   without   exaggeration   and   beyond   the   doubt   that   energy   has become one of the most significant needs of the human being. The utility of energy has greatly evolved over the last century. The whole range of human   activities   including   dwelling,   trade   and   commerce,   industry, transportation   and   agriculture   has   mostly   become   depended   on   energy. Globally,   energy   prosperity   has   become   very   crucial   to   overcome fundamental   social   problems   such   as   poverty,   hunger,   disease   and illiteracy. The growing human reliance on energy has been paralleled by a   string   of   challenges   that   are   both   local   and   global   in   nature. It   is increasingly   understood   that   ensuring   availability   of   sufficient, affordable,   and   environmentally   friendly   energy’   is   one   of   the   major challenges faced by the world in the twenty first century.
Energy   is   considered to   be   the   backbone   of   human   activities. The   accomplishment   of   human   civilization   has   been   achieved through   the   increasingly   efficient   and   extensive   production   of   various   forms   of   energy   to   extend   human   capabilities   and   ingenuity.   Providing   adequate and   affordable   energy   is   therefore,   essential   for   the   eradication   of poverty, improvement of human welfare and raising of living standard of human   being   throughout   the   world,   the   per   capita   energy consumption is an index used to measure the socio-economic prosperity in any society. The human development index of a country has a strong relationship with its energy prosperity.
“The fundamental concept in social science is Power, in the same sense in which Energy is the fundamental concept in physics.”
With   the   evolution   of civilizations, the   human   demand   for energy has continuously increased. At   present , the key factor which drives the growth   in   energy   demand   include increasing   human   population, modernization   and   urbanization   . According   to   the   united   nations,...


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