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Acc 455 Week 3 Discussion Questions

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ACC 455 Week 3 Discussion Questions

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Here is the instructors instructions for the discussion questions

• Initial answers to each Discussion Starter Question will be at least 200-300 words. Outside research may be necessary and please include references and citations using APA 6th edition standards. I do not count repeating the question or your signature block toward the 200-300 minimum word count for DSQ initial answers. Discussion Starter Questions (DSQs) initial responses do count toward participation, and are not mandatory. However, your responses to these DSQs will help to start our more informal class discussions. As you reply to others’ initial DSQ responses by asking questions, adding ideas, making connections to the readings, etc., you will be creating the substantive messages that will also count toward your participation grade. Note: The participation requirement for University of Phoenix, Online Campus students is that you must post eight substantive messages over at least 3 days each week.

Meaning of Substantive For this class, substantive means that your message has substance and helps to further the discussion of course content. Substantive messages will often include contributions of additional ideas and sources, insights or questions about classmates’ comments, connections to the course readings, ways of applying the lessons from the course, etc. As a rule of thumb, your substantive comments should be at least several sentences in length. Short comments, such as “Good idea” or “I agree,” do not constitute substantive posts on their own. Neither do comments that are unrelated to the topics at hand (for example, “I saw that movie, too!”) If you say you agree about something, please explain why you agree, and add an additional insight...


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