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Advanced Soybean Oil Processing-Huatai Soybena Oil Equipment

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Soybean oil processing process
 1. The leaching process of soybean t
clean up, broken and softening - rolling stock - into the dip material to save material box, closed cage - leacher - thick mixed oil
2. The mixed oil processing technology
Filter to mix the oil storage tank, the evaporator to the second evaporator and stripping tower, hair oil

3. The hair oil refining process
To hydration net oil, vacuum deodorization and filter net oil
Preheat to add water hydration, and let stand for precipitation separation - │ soybean oil foot - heat - and salting-out precipitation - recycling soybean oil
The process

1. Rolling billet is the key to pretreatment, related to the oil yield and quality of the pros and cons.Rolled billet and the key lies in the operation of the mill.In order to ensure the quality of rolling stock, we will strictly control before rolling billet material moisture and temperature.Rolled compact machine set the best softening box, lest after softening its moisture content and temperature loss is too large.Before driving should be carefully monitor the performance of the mill, such as found on both ends of the billet material uneven, within or without rolling oil mixed with billet, should stop check and adjust the rolling distance (on both sides should be balanced adjustment, control and avoid too tight).Check whether the scraper plate is close to the roll surface, prevent sticking phenomenon.Pay attention to the flow uniformity, prevent the no-load running.
2. Leaching in each case charge is 80-85%, solvent should be master in 50 to 55 ℃ temperature soybean billet into leaching temperature for 50 to 55 ℃, leaching temperature is 50 ℃.Using large spray droplets spray dry, spray section of the liquid level is higher than that of 30-50 mm advisable, spray fresh solvent shall not be spilled into the dry period.Solvent ratio (the ratio of solvent weight and the leaching of material weight) while 8-1.1.Choose non-toxic solvent, requiring them to have...


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