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Sociology 5618 Exam 1 Review

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Survey Research
Perceived Top Problems Facing Profession
          3 Key Problems of Profession:
                1. Accountability
                2. Racism
                3. Excessive Force
      Reasons for Entering Law Enforcement
          1. Nature of the Job: helping people and bettering communities, exciting career path, doing something different every day.
          2. Family Connections: sort of a family business.
          3. Money: material benefits, attraction depends on economy, job security.

Role of Police in Political Context
    - In democracy: police are the interface between the government and citizens, right to coercion to protect people from danger; individual rights and civil liberty.

Impossible Mandate:
          “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” you answer to the public, to everyone; no one has all the same agenda or expectations, very different job.

ANCIENT POLICE SYSTEMS [nature and characteristics]
Greeks + Romans - Contributions of Augustus
    - Greeks:
        o Used Kin System – citizen’s arrest; policing starts with the citizen, citizens are the police, take the case to the magistrate and citizens enact the punishment.
        o No Formal Police – because it’s the time of Aristotle and democracy; didn’t want police to be aligned with the government and a larger political system. Believed in people deciding; if the citizens are the law-makers, it makes sense that they enforce the law as well.
    - Romans:
        o Order Maintained through the People – still doing citizen’s arrest: magistrate ( determined if guilty ( enact punishment. Power lies with the people, until you give it away to the government, which hasn’t happened yet. Goal is to keep society safe.

        o Community policing is the primary use of enforcement at this time.

    - Emperor Augustus (Rome):
        o Praetorian Guard – protective...


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