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Skin Replacement Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2025 by Fmi

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Global Skin

Replacement Market
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Report Description
Skin is the largest organ in human body which is highly dynamic in nature. It is composed
of two layers, the outer layer called epidermis and the inner layer called dermis. Its
network of nerves, blood vessels and cells thus acting as a protective armor. It serves the
body in diverse ways. Its of paramount importance owning to its protective functionality.
The skin’s protective function creates a barrier for internal organs and tissues from toxins,
disease-carrying microbes, heat and cold and other dangers present in the environment.
It also plays a significant role in regulating the body temperature and preserving body’s
fluid balance. Nerves within skin sense the presence of potentially harmful agents, such
as bees, and immune cells in the skin help to fight against these malicious agents. For the
aforementioned reasons, the loss of skin due to burns or trauma can cause a severe blow
to the human body; leading to impairment or sometimes elimination of many vital
functions which it typically performs.
John F. Burke invented the first synthetic skin, at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Artificial skin considered to be the Holy Grail in
treating burn victims for more than hundred years till a flexible material was found. It
protects against dehydration and infection, easy to produce from ordinary substance and
is completely acceptable by the victim’s immune system. The artificial skin can be easily
sterilized and usually stored at room temperature. Skin replacement represents a
prospective source of advanced therapy in combating acute and chronic skin wounds.
With the capability of large scale production and immediate availability for grafting, its
potential for use is easy and...


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