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This is a generalized statement which I believe for some courtrys it is helpful to set the same standard to evaluate students. However, it would be an hinderance to develp individualed skills it is implimented much earlier.

I agree thata nation needsto have a same standerdized curriculum to evaluate students for their readiness to go into specialized fields,such as biology, engineering, political science, woman andgender study.   They take SAT exams, the score is one of the major factors college admission commitee weight on when they consider which student to take. The same national curriculum also help make sure students all over the nation receive education   on same basic materials and and training to build their analytical and problem-solving skills under the same guildline. Although students perform differ due to their ability to learn and level of motivation. The same national curriculum ensure every student receive the necessary education on the skills they need before they delve into whatever spaecialized field they pursue in the furture.

However, some nations use two different curriculum starting in high school to prepare students better depending on which field they want to go into. Stuendts who wants go into medicine, engineering, agriculture, construction use a curriculum which is heavy with mathematics, physics, and chemistry; while students who choose to go into law, political science, or administritive field would use a different curriculum which is heavy with education on language, writinng, and geology, arguing competition, and only study superfcial information on physicics, chemistry. Those students really benifit from being able to delve into individulized curiculum much early on.

To sum up, we can say that we need to see different circumtances in different countries to adopt a practical currilculum that is best for students to explore the learning opportunities and better equip themselves for the future.


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