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Cottonseed Oil Processing Technology-Huatai Supply You Advanced Technology

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Classify of cottonseed oil
1 Squeeze the cottonseed oil, cotton seed by direct squeeze oil.
2 Leaching cottonseed oil, cotton seed by the leaching process of oil.
3 Transgenic cottonseed oil: in transgenic cottonseed oil.
4.Cottonseed oil, without any processing of cottonseed oil can not directly for human consumption.

Brief introduction of cottonseed oil
Finished product cottonseed oil: after processing to meet the requirements of national standard of refined oil products quality indicators and health directly cottonseed oil for human consumption.
The basic composition and content
Refined cottonseed oil can be orange or brown, fatty acids contained in 21.6 24.8% palmitic acid, stearic acid 1.9 2.4%, arachidic acid 0-0.1%, 18.0 30.7% oleic acid, linoleic acid 55.0% and 44.9, refined after the toxic materials such as cotton oil to remove the gossypol, available for human consumption. Cotton oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids, most appropriate mixed with animal fat consumption, because cotton oil central Asia oleic acid content is much more special, can effectively inhibit cholesterol in the blood rise, safeguarding the health of human body. The   human body the absorption of the cotton oil absorption rate of 98%.
Cottonseed oil processing technology
1. Fry seed
General pot put 1/4 ~ 1/3 of the capacity, fry even and regular pace, fire cannot too big, lest shell coke.Fry with cottonseed steak in the groove after, with a stick barrels, make the hot steam loss, facilitate clear sieving after cold.
2. The sieving
With artificial screen or fixed sieve sieve to dirt, impurities.
Nowadays is less, to divide evenly and continuously cottonseed oil flow, grind appropriately fast, make the cotton seed is easy to be broken.
4. Add water
With grinding roller ring groove sprinkler, grinding, sprinkling water on one side, a seed, uniform blank draft, grinding is consistent, about 20 minutes, that comes to thin slab not to form a smooth dough.
5. Steam...


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