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Graphite Market Value and Forecast 2015-2025 by Future Market Insights

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Global Graphite

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Report Description
Graphite is considered as one of the most versatile non-metallic minerals in the world.
Graphite is a naturally formed polymer of carbon and an excellent conductor of electricity
and heat. It has the highest natural strength and stiffness of any material. It maintains its
stability and strength to temperatures in excess of 3,600°C and is very resistant to
chemical attack. It is considered as one of the lightest of all reinforcing agents and has
high natural lubricity. Owing to its unique properties it provides a range of uses in
manufacturing and metallurgy. On traditional basis, the demand for graphite is essentially
tied due to steel industry where it is widely used for crucibles, liner for ladles and
refractories among many others. Moreover in automotive industry it is used as gaskets,
clutch materials and brake linings. Additionally, it is also used in lubricants,
reinforcements in plastics and batteries. On the other hand synthetic graphite have a
purity of 99% carbon and is used in products where particularly pure material is required.
The global graphite market has seen an enormous turnaround during the past two years
as the demand for natural and synthetic graphite is increasing.
Browse Full Report@ http://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/graphite-market
Graphite Market: Drivers & Restraints
Increasing graphite consumption in batteries (80% of the graphite used in batteries is
consumed by lithium-ion batteries) is one of the major factor driving the growth in the
global graphite market. Advancement in manufacturing goods shipment, increasing
metallurgy and steelmaking activity along with rise in new technological advanced
applications are the trends identified in the global...


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