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Leg 110 Final Exam Answers

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LEG 110 Final Exam Answers

LEG 110 Final Exam Answers

Part # 1
Question 1
Carl contracts to sell his house and lot to Winifred for $30,000. The terms of the contract call for Winifred to pay 5 percent of the purchase price as a deposit toward the purchase price, or a down payment. The terms further stipulate that should the buyer breach the contract, Carl will retain the money as damages. What type of damages does this agreement exemplify?
Question 2
Two neighboring families, the As and the Bs, wish to enlarge their garages. Because of a surveying mistake, both believe that they are the rightful owners of a 3¬foot strip of land that runs along the border of their properties. Each family wants the land for its own garage. The As decide to take the case to court. What would be the proper remedy?
Question 3
An injunction which requires a court, before issuing it, to consider the likelihood of success on the merits and the possibility of irreparable harm if it is not issued is known as a
Question 4
A repairperson contracted with the possessor of a stolen vehicle for the repair of the car. The repairperson in good faith reasonably concluded that the possessor was the true owner. If recovery is allowed against the true owner for the costs of the repairs on the basis of equitable principles of unjust enrichment, the appropriate remedy would be
Question 5
The idea of “coming into court with clean hands” is a requirement of
Question 6
Which of the following is an equitable remedy?
Question 7
Plaintiff alleged that the attendance policy at her school was unreasonable and that, notwithstanding her unexcused absences, she was wrongfully denied a diploma. If it is established at trial that the plaintiff frequently forged excuse notes and tried to deceive the school, then equitable relief may be denied on the basis of
Question 8
Article VII of the U.S. Constitution states, “In suits at common law,...


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