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Huatai Oilseeds Processing Technology

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Hua Tai oilseeds processing technology—advanced technology in oilseeds production
selected on the basis of production technology method and characteristics
Oil cleaning: oil contains impurities can be divided into three classes of organic impurities, inorganic impurities and oil.Mostly not oily impurity itself, not only in the process of making oil oil, can adsorption instead a certain amount of oil in the cake, containing impurities such as soil, plant stem leaf, leather case will make the oil color deepened, produce peculiar smell and other bad phenomenon;Contains stones will wear equipment, iron and other hard objects.Therefore, before oil producing fuel for effective cleaning and in removing impurity, can reduce fat loss, improve the yield efficiency, prolong the service life of equipment, etc.Clean mainly including air separation, sieving and magnetic separation and side by side mud cleaning.
(1) air separation
Basis: on the basis of oilseed with impurities in proportion and the difference of gas dynamic nature, wind power has been used to separate the impurity in the fuel.Light impurities in the air separation can be used to remove oil and dust, and can also be used to remove metal, stone and other heavy miscellaneous, also can be used to separate oil after the shell of the kernel and shell.
Features: winnowing wind speed can be adjusted according to physical property of oil on its own to achieve, can remove impurities, similar to the dust class very light through adjusting wind speed, can achieve good separation effect, and air separation has a screening other cleaning methods, such as an irreplaceable role.
(2) screening
Basis: screening is the use of the difference of oil and impurities on the particle size, with the aid of impurity oil and relative motion for screening, and through the mesh will be greater than or less than the oil removing impurities.
Features: through the sieve of relative movement, and different options screen surface to remove large...


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