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Forecast on Microfluidics Market: Global Industry Analysis and Trends Till 2025 by Future Market Insights

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Global Microfluidics

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Report Description
Microfluidics is a technology that deals with the study of flow of liquids through
microscopic channels. It is characterized by control and manipulation of fluids at submillimeter scale. It involves design, manufacture and formulation of devices and
processes dealing with extremely low volume of fluids.Microfluidics field provides
improved control on laboratory handling, analytical techniques and processing.
Microfluidics is also referred as lab-on-chip or micrototal analysis assisting in biological
and chemical analysis. Currently, microfluidic devices are known to have a wide range of
applications apart from pharmaceuticals and life sciences namely, printing, pneumatics,
chemical process engineering and power systems. Thus the advantages of adopting
microfluidic technologies depend on the various applications for which they are used. For
instance, the significance of microfluidic devices in point-of-care applications depends on
the low-cost disposables, associated small volume of necessary reagents and sample, and
high sensitivity. On the contrary, the advantages for pharmaceutical research applications
are to allow process automation and multiplexed assays.
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Advancements in proteomics and genomics field are expected to boost the growth of the
global microfluidics market.Other factors driving the growth of this market include
acceleration in the fields of drug delivery, biosensing, drug screening, single cell or
molecule analysis and point-of-care diagnostics. The miniaturization of bioanalytical
techniques offers considerable advantages such as reduction of the equipment size and
parallel operation for multiple analysis, also making...


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