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Single camera techniques

The Black hole

The location of the short film is in a generic office workplace which is quite relatable to an audience because today many people go to work in an office and it is a very stereotypical place that comes to mind when people hear the word work. The office is made to look like quite a normal stereotypical office and from this the viewer can see the era the short film is set in, In this case it is the present day because of the use of up to date equipment and the actor’s clothing. The main actor is a stereotypical office worker and comes across as a worker that isn’t of high importance this is because he is wearing a tie that is crooked with his top button undone and is wearing a generic white shirt tie and black shoes and trousers. The actor also comes across as quite tired and fed up as he is dressed scruffily and his fed up facial expression also shows this. The colours used in the short film are very dull cold colours like greys and blacks which makes the scene quite cold and dark almost foreshadowing that something bad might be about to happen. Then there is also some light around the centre to highlight the main actor. This shows the short film may be set late at night or after work hours which is also shown by him being the only person seen in the office and in the whole of the short film. The dark dull colours are used to represent loneliness as well as to represent the time. Using the dark colours adds to the dramatic side of the short film. The lighting used is also very dull with the lightest part being the main actor. This shows the short film is set very late and this is shown by the clock in the background that shows 3AM. The dull lighting also shows the grumpy lonely mood the actor seems to be in, this is also shown through the actor’s body language and facial expressions. This late time that is shown helps the audience to anticipate that something bad might happen to the actor because there is no one that...


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