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List of cryptids
The following is a list of cryptids, animals and plants studied under the field of cryptozoology, a pseudoscience. Their presumptive existence has often been derived from anecdotal or other evidence considered insufficient by mainstream science.

The status of cryptids on this list falls into six categories:

Unconfirmed – cryptids whose existence is alleged but not demonstrated.
Disputed – cryptids that have a body of evidence against their existence.
Proposed [animal name] – cryptids with an alternative explanation accepted by the general scientific community.
Extinct – animals that are generally believed to be extinct, but which cryptozoologists believe may have an extant relict population.
Confirmed [animal name or cause] – animals once classified as cryptids but whose existence has now been confirmed.
Hoax – cryptids once thought to be real but later conclusively proven to be hoaxes.

Name Other names Status Description Location Pictures
Adjule Kelb-el-khela Proposed rare isolated population of African wild dog, due to coincidental range Unrecognized canine form reported from the western part of the Sahara by local people, and live in packs North Africa
Agogwe Agogure, Kakundakari, Kikomba, Sehite Unconfirmed Small human-shaped bipedal East Africa
Ahool Unconfirmed; possibly a brown wood owl or a large species of bat Flying animal, giant bat Indonesia
Akkorokamui Unconfirmed; possibly a giant squid or octopus Cephalopod Japan and Thailand
Almas Abnauayu, almasty, albasty, bekk-bok,
biabin-guli, golub-yavan, gul-biavan, auli-avan,
kaptar, kra-dhun, ksy-giik, ksy-gyik, ochokochi,
mirygdy, mulen, voita, wind-man, Zana Unconfirmed Non-human ape or hominid Asia/Caucasus
Altamaha-ha Altie Unconfirmed Sturgeon-like river animal Georgia, United States
Ameranthropoides loysi De Loys' Ape Proposed spider monkey – confirmed hoax Primate Near the...


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