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Hoi Ming Ivan, Ho
December 15, 2014
Pol 3766
Howard G. Lavine
Do different majors affect students’ preference to different party?
The education level in America is higher than last two centuries. The reason is that state government built up more universities, so that student have a more opportunities to study in college. According to the United States Censor Bureau, twenty-five years old or older people with a degree was about five percent in 1940s; however, a drastic increase in 2009 which was around 30 percent. A famous Chinese proverb “Shu Zhong Zi You Huang Jin Wu (書中自有黃金屋)” means that knowledge bring wealth. This proverb is also fit to American society in much as United States Census Bureau report also shows that in average, people having a higher or professional degree have a higher degree than people only graduating in high school or lower. In American politics, the two major political parties are Democratic Party and Republic Party. Two parties have different identity. For example, Republic party represent to conservative; on the other hand, Democratic represent to liberal. According to a research from University California Los Angeles, after people receiving higher education level will claim that they are more liberal than before going to colleges. It can be explained that school require student to take different class with different aspect, so they will think broadly. If the result is correct, it means that higher education lead to people have a stronger preference to Democratic Party. However, this survey was a little bit broad. The reason is that after people finish their degree, they will have more professional knowledge. Although the graduated student finished the liberal education, they spend more time on the professional field. Most of the students need to finish the senior project before they graduated. The major that they choose may have a greater influence than the other classes. Their knowledge may drive them to think different to other...


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