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Marketing Case 1

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Marketing 1110
Case Assignment 1

Mission Statement Analysis
The company that I work for is Boehringer-Ingelheim Roxane Inc. Their mission statement is this, “Value through Innovation.” (Boehringer-Ingelheim)   We look for innovative ideas and processes to increase productivity and decrease time that the medication takes to reach the consumer. The products that we make sell themselves. Being a pharmaceutical company that makes patented brand medication, and generic medications that very few companies make the market is almost cornered. The only marketing that we need to do is state that we make these medications at a certain price and the orders come pouring in. However, with all that said, we do have sales reps that go to doctors’ offices and pharmacies to sell these products and give them clipboards, pens, magnets, and other miscellaneous gifts to help market these medications to consumers looking for new or unique medications.
Careers in Marketing Summary
The two that interest me the most are: Non-Profit and Market research. Non-profit is less stressful than most businesses. As it is not looking to make a profit, management is needed very little or not at all. There are many different careers inside non-profit organizations and you get a chance to work at most of them. You are able to receive great experience and have meaningful connection to the community and to other businesses. This is a good chance to really make a difference. (Non Profit) Non-profit interests me because of the experience that you could develop by all the jobs you could be a part of. Any way to make meaningful and lasting experience and connections could give you a foot in the door at other companies.
My other selection is Market research. Market research is just what its name entails. Market researches, “figure out what drives people to buy Cheerios, Chevrolets and Chimichangas.” (Marketing) In other words they find out why people buy stuff so that they can better portray their...


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