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Difficulties Face When Coping Ith the Loss of a Loved One

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Difficulties faced when coping with the loss of a loved one |
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The Bible tells us that death is a part of life and we should accept it. Yet I find it hard to accept each time I experienced the cold, merciless grip of death snatching and ripping my family apart. “A time to live and a time to die” they told me.     I was oblivious to the pain, fears and despair of people who went through the experience of losing a loved one.   That was until death visited my home and made its presence known.   Death snatched my mother eleven years ago. Four years later my father followed my mother to her final resting place. Death saw it fitting to pay my family one final visit and claimed one of my sisters a year later.   “Time will heal all your hurt” they said.   Eleven years later I am still trying to heal.   Many people like myself are struggling and finding it difficult to cope with the loss of a loved one.   Difficulties such as acceptance of that loss, the fear of living without that person and fear of the unknown make it so hard to cope with losing that person.
When a loved one dies many cannot accept the loss.   Denial seems to be the easiest and less painful road to travel. Nothing about that loss seems real and somewhere in their subconscious is a fragile hope that they are clinging to. They are expecting to wake up from this nightmare at any moment and everything will be back to normal. The hurt and the pain would become a figment of their imagination.   They sometimes expect that person appear when they know that person is not coming back. Some people can lose themselves in a world totally separate from reality where their loved one is still alive. Psychologically the event never happened.   Others just try to ignore what they are feeling and not admit that they are in denial and that they are hurting or even angry.
Another difficultly faced by those left to cope with the loss of a love one is the fear of the unknown. In some cases...


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