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Global Leukemia Therapeutics Treatment Market Growth and Trends 2015 – 2025: Report

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Global Leukemia

Treatment Market
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Report Description
Leukemia is defined as a cancer observed in white blood cell (WBC) in our body. White
blood cell helps our body to fight against infection caused by harmful pathogen. Bone
marrow is the center for the production of RBC (carry oxygen to all part of body), WBC
(fight against infection) and platelets (help in blood clotting). Our bone marrow produces
abnormal WBC when we are suffering from leukemia. Moreover abnormal WBCs are not
able to perform normal functioning or WBC loses its ability to fight against infection.
Etiology for leukemia includes artificial ionizing radiation, benzene and petrochemicals,
alkylation chemotherapy agents, genetic predisposition and electromagnetic energy.
Genetic predisposition and electromagnetic energy is the most common cause of
leukemia observed among people. Signs and symptoms of leukemia includes a new lump
or swollen gland in neck and arm, frequent nosebleed, pain in the bone, night sweat and
frequent fever. Leukemia can be diagnosed by bone marrow tests, platelet count and
WBC (white blood cell) differential count test. Leukemia can be treated by blood
transfusion, immunotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, radiation therapy and

Commercially available drug in the market for the treatment of leukemia includes
Gleevec, Bosulif, Sprycel, Iclusig and others. Drugs which are in clinical trials expected to
launch in the marketwithin next few (3 to 5)years include Bosutinib, Omapro,
ga101/rg7159, Vidaza, Dacogen, Midostaurin, Vosaroxin, Quizartinib, Graspa, Marqibo.
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Report Description
The global market for leukemia treatment can be...


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