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        Today the Public Sector Undertakings in the country play a significant role in the economic as well as social development of the country.   Further, the spectrum of public sector ranges from monopolistic nature like Internal air traffic, Life Insurance etc. to highly competitive fields like Textiles, Banking.   Today these undertakings are no longer regarded as large commercial concerns judged on their commercial results but have in varying degrees wider objectives than commercial concerns in private sector.   They deal with tax payers’ money and are therefore accountable to Parliament.   They are subject to public criticisms and criticisms in the press.   Unlike the private commercial organization where individuals count more, in these public undertakings, the systems have to work more than individuals.   Under such circumstances, there is a need for a strong vigilance organization in the PSUs with a set of rules to regulate the conduct of the employees of these undertakings.

      2.       Vigilance has to be looked upon as one of the essential components of
  management.   It is as important a segment in an organization like Finance, Personnel, Technical and Marketing.   If the vigilance set up is effective in an organization, it will certainly ensure the functioning of the other segment like Finance, Personnel, Technical and Marketing in an efficient way.   It has therefore to be given a rightful place in the management.

  3.         Though the work `vigilance’ is liked neither by an honest officer nor a
  dishonest officer, yet its absence will be harmful to the organization.   It is like a Bitter Pill.   For the health of the organization, the Bitter Bill has to be administered.   Like a Bitter Pill, the administration of vigilance will taste sour.   But in the long run, it will be in the good health of an organization.

  4.           The objective of vigilance is to ensure that the management gets the...


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