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Global Driveline Additives Market Growth and Trends 2015 – 2025: Report

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Global Driveline

Additives Market
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Report Description
The driveline additives keep the vehicles and equipment sustained and running for either
operation or re-scale to avoid the daunting costs of replacement. The global driveline
additives market is comprised of additives majorly designed for products such as gear
oils, transmission fluids, as well as the axle and the off-road fluids. The transmission fluids
chiefly functions as the control transmission and the heat allocation intermediate in the
area of transmission where the rotating force of the drive channel is transported to the
gears of the vehicle. Gear oil additives lubricates the gear, bearings, clutches, and are
used in the vehicles as well as in off-highway, marine and hydraulic equipment. These
driveline additives are designed to meet extreme pressure, thermal steadiness and other
requirements of the industry’s most severe automotive technological specifications.
Driveline Additives Market: Drivers & Restraints
The increasing number of vehicles being manufactured coupled with the total number of
on road and off road vehicles in operation is the key factor driving the growth of the
global driveline additives market. Furthermore, the drain intervals for the transmission
fluids and gear applications, variations in the transmission design and temperatures along
with engine changes are driving the market for global driveline additives. Moreover, the
specification changes driven by the OEMs is further fueling the driveline additives market
growth. Some other factors driving the global driveline additives market is the need for
enhanced lubrication due to its positive impact on the fuel efficiency, improved
equipment and vehicular operations and often bio-based oils.

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