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Eco 365 Week 4 Knowledge Check New

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ECO 365 Week 4 Knowledge Check NEW

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1. What do economists mean when they say there is "market failure"?
A. Business has introduced a product that consumers did not want.
B. Free markets have led to excessive profits.
C. Markets have surpluses or shortages so that government rationing is necessary.
D. Free markets yield results that economists do not consider socially optimal.
2. If a market has no externalities, marginal private costs
A. exceed marginal social costs
B. equal marginal social costs
C. are below marginal social costs
D. intersect marginal social costs
3. Economists generally call the effect of an agreement on others that is not taken into account by the parties making the agreement
A. an externality
B. welfare loss
C. Pareto optimality
D. excess burden
4. The size performance improvements sought by those pursuing horizontal mergers is
A. economies of scale
B. increased market share
C. to coordinate activities more efficiently to spur growth
D. to decrease competition
5. A company buys another company in the same supply chain, but either in front of it or behind it in the supply chain. This is called
A. a horizontal acquisition
B. a vertical acquisition
C. a conglomerate
D. a joint venture
6. Sony and Toshiba become partners in a microprocessor manufacturing company.  This is called
A. a horizontal acquisition
B. a vertical acquisition
C. a conglomerate
D. a joint venture
7. If two companies share ownership in a venture and agree on a formal management structure including members of both companies, this is called a
A. horizontal acquisition
B. vertical acquisition
C. joint venture
D. conglomerate
8. Two companies come together to take on a project that has an explicit time cycle and ending point. The most efficient form of acquisition of this project is
A. a...


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