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Ash Soc 315 Week 3 Quiz

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SOC 315 Week 3 Quiz

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1.         Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of “the West”?
Strong emphasis on democratic values
Countries located only in or near Western Europe
 Influenced by culture and politics of ancient Greece and Rome
 Advanced economic development
  2.       Which country is NOT a member of the European Union?
 3.        Anthropogenic greenhouse gases:
are decreasing in the atmosphere.
 include methane (CH4).
 have not yet been addressed by the United Nations.
 have not yet been linked to climate change.
 4.        In a presidential system:
the president is usually a member of a royal family.
 the head of state is always elected by the people.
 the head of state is always chosen by the legislature.
 the president has unlimited powers.
 5.        According to the definition of “the West” in the text, _________ shares important characteristics with Western states, but is not included.
New Zealand
 6.        The government of present-day Russia can be BEST characterized as:
 a mix of democracy and autocracy.
 7.        The process of Europeanization:
has been slowed by the growth of the European Union.
 has decreased cultural ties across national boundaries.
has led to an overall decrease in nationalism in Europe.
was more prevalent in the first half of the twentieth century than in the second half.
  8.       Since the 1960s, the highest percentage of immigrants to the United States have come from:
Latin America.
9.         Historically, Greece and Russia were MOST influenced by:
the Byzantine church.
Roman Catholicism.
 the Enlightenment.
 western conceptions of democracy.
 10.      Samuel Huntington thinks that, at the most basic level, international...


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