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Ash Pol 310 Week 2 Quiz

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POL 310 Week 2 Quiz

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1.   The Copenhagen Accord is a:
political agreement.
legal treaty.
binding strategy.
market incentive.
2.   Carbon equivalency is a useful tool when discussing climate change because greenhouse gases other than carbon:
are not relevant to climate change.
can be translated into a common unit. 
cannot be addressed by policy.
  are impossible to identify.
3.   Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide are examples of:  
greenhouse gases.
carbon leakage.
carbon cycles.
carbon offsets.
4.   When a polluting company that seeks to avoid rigorous emissions standards relocates to a country with less rigorous standards, it is an example of:
offset policy.
emissions trading.
carbon leakage.
carbon neutral.
5.   Reforestation efforts to that seek to reduce concentrations of greenhouse gases by improving sinks is an example of:
scientific fallibility.
a positive feedback loop.
enteric fermentation.
6.   Dry deposition of acid rain:  
is not air pollution.
does not harm plants and buildings.
harms plants and buildings.
vaporizes without causing harm.
7.   Ways to reduce vehicle emissions include all of the following, except:  
use a different fuel.
change the way the engine operates.
develop technology that treats the waste stream before it becomes harmful emissions.
decrease fuel efficiency.
8.   According to the E.P.A., carbon dioxide is:  
impossible to measure.
not capable of being regulated.    
a threat to public health and welfare.
not a threat to public health and welfare.
9.   The N.A.A.Q.S. apply to all of the following, except:  
outdoor air pollution.
indoor air pollution.
all areas of the country.
ambient air quality.
10.  The Clean Air Act requires states to work in conjunction with the federal government to develop a(n) ____to bring air quality...


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