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French and English

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Choice #1
Compare the major results of the English Civil War and the French Revolution.
Were they very similar to each other in their results? Or were they very different?
Support your opinion with at least 3 examples, such as political, economic, or social changes.

The English Civil War and the French Revolution had many similarities. Although The Englilsh Civil and The French Revolution were well over a century apart from each other, they had many similarities.

Political -

  * They fought to abolish monarch rule and succeeded.
  * Both challenged the power of the ruling classes.
  * Both ended feudalism.
  * They both executed the ruling monarchs.
  * Military Leader ends up leading the country afterwards (England – Oliver Cromwell, France – Napoleon Bonaparte).
  * Both fought by the common people.

Economic –

Social –

English Civil War vs. French Revolution
This essay will explain the English civil war and the French revolution. Then will make a contrast and compare their differences and similarities.
The English Civil War was starting to brew when, the Scottish king, James I came into power. During his reign, he was a very autocratic king and offended the parliament by his extravagant spending. His son, Charles I, also inherited this attitude to the parliament. However, Charles made things more difficult by marrying a Spanish Catholic princess, which offended Protestant England. Charles was also more arrogant with Parliament and more forceful. This was shown when he tried to arrest five parliament members at the advice of a friend
From 1629-1640, Charles did not call Parliament into session which frustrated Parliament to the point where it refused to grant the king any funds unless he would agree to limit his power. The king refused to do this causing both sides to resort to their military.
These events caused the English Civil War to escalate into a struggle with the King and his supporter's, the Cavaliers, on...


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